Too full Monty's: A strip club in Canada has apologised to a group of visitors in wheelchairs who were thrown out for not drinking enough and taking up too much space. Jairo Rincon, the owner of Monty's Pub in British Columbia, has said that the incident was the result of a misunderstanding and has invited the men back to the club. The men have accepted the explanation and the invitation to return.

Keeping abreast of art: Ron Nicolino, an American artist who specialises in a genre he calls "bra art", is hoping to collect 40,000 bras by the end of the year to make a tapestry depicting the Statue of Liberty handing a red bra to President Clinton. Another of his compositions, entitled "Bra Full of Nickels" is a bra full of nickels. Another of his projects - to construct a chain of bras stretching all the way across the Grand Canyon, is near completion.

Apartheid lives on: A black South African farm labourer was assaulted last weekend by a white farmer who took offence at his driving a cart pulled by one white and one black donkey.