Supper sale: Esther Balke, a 76-year-old Nebraskan, will be selling her collection of depictions of the Last Supper in her garage tomorrow. An AP report says the 400-item collection includes Last Suppers sculpted in copper, plaster, marble, wood, gesso, aluminium and bisque porcelain. Others are embossed on glass, art wax and candles, printed on plaques, bells, plates, postcards, hand fans, church bulletins, calendars, wooden boxes, a night light, a puzzle, a wallet, a clock, a miniature tea set and a musical mug. Since moving house, she no longer has room to store them all.

Dinner bill: A human rights tribunal in British Columbia has ordered a lodge owner to pay about pounds 500 in compensation to a family whom he asked to eat in his cafeteria rather than the formal dining-room. A restaurant policy designed to keep children from disturbing others was ruled discriminatory.

The cost of sausages: Around 200 villagers in Valaska, Slovakia, were treated in hospital after eating sausages made of dog-meat in a 100-year- old carnival tradition. Plans to send some of the sausages to the Pope have been dropped.