Sex abuse: In Poland, a State Trading Inspectorate investigation of sex shops has revealed "abuses" in 95 per cent of them. Inspectors have withdrawn from sale 84 per cent of the condoms (many of which were past their sell-by date) and 66 per cent of the aphrodisiacs on sale. They also expressed astonishment at the lack of instructions on sex aids.

Safe thefts: A study on shoplifting by the Association of German Retailers has revealed that condoms are among the most frequently pilfered product. According to the survey, 38 per cent of all condoms are stolen. "Feelings of embarrassment" by prospective purchasers are given as the main reason for stealing condoms rather than buying them.

Sin tax: A Swiss court has ordered a pimp to pay 160,000 Swiss francs (about pounds 75,000) to a prostitute who accused him of taking 90 per cent of her income. The sum includes interest on lost revenue. According to a spokesman for the Geneva cantonal court, it is the first time that a pimp in the city has been ordered to pay damages to a prostitute. "It could encourage similar cases," he said.