Switzerland: delegates at a business summit in Davos were warned of the dangers of information overload. A recent survey in the US found that the 178 messages sent or received by the average manager every day by fax, e-mail, voice mail, or Internet were impairing efficiency and driving workers crazy.

Buenos Aires: A four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle was stopped by police when it was seen being driven on a pavement with no insurance or registration plates. The driver, Renzo Cistari, turned out to be three years old. His father said he will stop Renzo driving his brother's vehicle in future.

Washington: Research has shown that gerbils can communicate with each other very clearly when they want to, by whistling and thumping.

Dubai: At 231cm (7ft 7in) Hussein Muhammed Ahmad, 24, is the second- tallest man in the world. He hopes to grow another centimetre to take the top spot.