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Marital health risk: An Israeli is suing his wife for 5m shekels (about pounds 850,000) claiming that her smoking has caused him fatal lung damage. According to the man's lawyer, his client, who suffered from severe bronchitis in his youth, married his wife on the clear understanding that she would give up smoking. But as the relationship deteriorated, she smoked more. The couple are now separated. Their names have not been released.

Midnight in Moscow: From 1 May, all late-night bars, discos and casinos in Moscow will be required to have condom vending machines. The new law has been prompted by a rapid rise in cases of syphilis in the city.

Rob rage: When a man tried to steal spirits and a box of detergent from a grocer in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he was overpowered by staff and held on the ground. His female accomplice then entered the shop, hit one of his captors and sprayed another with Mace. She drove her car into the shop and threatened to run everyone over. They then let the man go, but she ran him over by accident. He crawled from under the car and scrambled in, after being knocked down again. They escaped, and no one was arrested.