Concepcion conceptions: Santos Pastor Baca, a 74-year-old farmer who has lived all his life in the village of Concepcion, Honduras, has 35 children and a pregnant wife, but says: "I have decided to keep giving my country children." His offspring range from three months to 51 years, including 18 from his first wife, eight by his current wife and the other nine "a few times when I went astray".

Unkindest cut of all: A Peruvian woman is in police custody after slicing off her husband's penis and flushing it down the lavatory because she believed he had raped their two-year-old daughter. The man has denied the accusation and police found no evidence of sexual abuse.

Mistress gets the chop: Paitoon Thephasdin na Ayuthaya, a retired academic in Thailand, is reported to have admitted killing his mistress, dismembering her body and scattering it over a five-mile stretch of road. He said that his mistress had harangued him constantly during a 20-year affair, but had never criticised his dead father until the day of the killing.