Dog pound: Bangkok city officials have decided to pay people 50 baht (about 75p) for each bitch they bring in to be neutered at a public health centre. The policy was announced at a public hearing on policy to deal with strays. The money will be paid both for strays and family pets, but only for female dogs of puppy-bearing age. Last year about 80 people in Thailand died of rabies.

Turtle power: In Cambodia, large crowds have been coming every day to the Tonle Sap river awaiting the regular appearances of a turtle that is believed to have magical powers. When perfumed water is sprinkled on the surface of the water, the touch of the turtle is supposed to make it holy and give it healing powers.

Cashback: A man in Florida who returned $4,170 that he had been given in error with an order for burgers and chips declared himself "glad I was able to do the right thing". Henry Snowden was handed the money in a bag at Burger King, where they kept their takings in paper bags to foil burglars.