Police quiz clubbers after man is shot

Detectives quizzed more than 200 revellers at an east London nightspot yesterday morning after a shooting victim died in hospital. Murder hunt officers locked everyone inside Trends Nightclub, Amhurst Road, Hackney, as they questioned them about the incident, which left two others with stab wounds. The shot man, who has not yet been named, was found in the early hours at a house in Rectory Road, Stoke Newington, and died later at Homerton Hospital in Hackney. A Scotland Yard spokesman said: 'It appears these three were attacked by someone who came from the club. A search of revellers and the premises failed to uncover a weapon.

Pipes of peace

Workmen called to tackle plumbing leaks at council flats in Kentish Town discovered two cannabis farms in the pipeworks. At one flat in Royal College Street, they discovered 273 plants growing in a home-made irrigation system under 1,000 watt lamps. The electricity supply had been adapted to run the lamps and the windows and doors had been sealed.

Knotty problem

Southwark council has warned its parking attendants they face the sack if they continue to turn up to work wearing their own, lurid stripey ties. The council has told Park Direct, which issues tickets in the borough, that the ties are a contravention of the contract requiring uniform neck gear.

A spokesman said: 'Park Direct has assured the council it has ordered new ties in Southwark's green colours.'

Thunder theory

The asthma epidemic which hit the South East at the end of last month is to be the subject of research

co-ordinated by the National Heart and Lung Institute. One theory the group will study is that the outbreak coincided with thunderstorms over much of the country.

Fans 'cost a player'

Millwall chairman Reg Burr has blamed May's play-off night of violence for the pounds 1m sale of the club's talented

22-year-old defender, Neil Emblem. Mr Burr says the loss of revenue the club will suffer because of the pitch invasion by fans two months ago means Millwall cannot refuse the offer from Wolverhampton Wanderers.