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Pedal Pushers are oft confused with capri pants, but the former are shorter (a few inches below the knee), while capri pants come a little above the ankle and are often characterised by a slit at the hem. Pedal pushers were very popular in the Fifties and were worn with flat pumps. They can be infinitely glamorous (as our main pic shows) or dressed down rather to be an inbetweeny alternative to trousers or shorts. I guess if you're a high-fashion thing, you can wear them with heels, otherwise this is a look best left to flatties.

Face of the Fifties: actress Kay Kendall in 1958, strikes a glamourpuss pose for the camera in a chic pair of pedal pushers

Black nylon-stretch pedal pushers (sizes 8-14), pounds 19.99, Jeffrey Rogers, The Plaza, Oxford Street, London W1, 0171 580 5545

Black cotton-stretch pedal pushers with belt (sizes 36-42), pounds 124, Agnes B, 35-36 Floral Street, London WC2. Enquiries: 0171 225 3477

Black print satin-stretch pedal pushers (sizes 8-16), pounds 49.99, Oasis, 292 Regent Street, London W1. Enquiries: 01865 881986

Aqua cotton pedal pushers (sizes 36-46), pounds 21.99, La Redoute. Mail order: 0500 777 777

Denim-stretch pedal pushers (sizes S,M,L), pounds 57.50, Sue Rowe, from Hype DF, 48-52 Kensington High Street, London W8, 0171 937 3115