Motionhouse Dance Theatre (Warwick Arts Ctr, 01203 524524). The company marks its 10th anniversary with Faking It, a new full evening's work which combines gutsy contemporary movement with emotional insights into modern living. See Good Venue Guide, left.

Les Acrostiches (Purcell Room, SE1, 0171 960 4242, Mon-Wed). France's hottest new vaudeville talents bring their superb acrobatics, elegant physical comedy and exquisite musculatures to the London International Mime Festival.

Resolution 98 (The Place, WC1, 0181 387 0031, Mon-Sat). The annual platform for new arrivals in contemporary dance offers a different triple bill every night and cheap admission to boot. Fancy you can spot the next Mark Baldwin or Javier de Frutos? These and other big talents appeared here first. Monday's programme kicks off with Nomad's Secrets Whispered Falling, a piece about fundamentalist Islam and its place in the West.