*Tumbling tomatoes can be planted with compost in pots then transferred to hanging baskets. The dwarf variety will thrive in relatively small space with regular feeding.

*Basil, coriander, parsley and dill can all be grown in pots on a windowsill where they will scent the air. Start harvesting when the plants are about 15cm high.

*Aesthetically pleasing Chilli plants can be grown successfully on a windowsill or indoors in a warm space.

*Nasturtium is a pretty, edible plant that tastes similar to rocket and is ideal in salads and sandwiches. It also bears berries which when pickled in vinegar provide an interesting alternative to capers.

*Chanteray or baby carrots, the more expensive in-store varieties, will grow comfortably in a window box and be ready to harvest within three months.

*Kale and kohlrabi are two interesting members of the cabbage family and are excellent in soups.