RONNIE BIGGS Legendary member of the Great Train Robbery gang who served only 15 months of his sentence. Biggs appeared in the Sex Pistols film The Great Rock and Roll Swindle and is now a popular folk hero.

FELIX DENNIS Multi-millionaire publisher who stood trial for obscenity in 1971 for his magazine Oz. Dennis was sentenced to 9 months, but the judgement was quashed on appeal.

ROBERT DOWNEY JUNIOR Sentenced to six months imprisonment for violating his probation for drug and drink offences.

HEIDI FLEISS Hollywood madam jailed for three years - for tax evasion.

ZSA ZSA GABOR Spent 72 hours in prison for slapping a traffic cop who stopped her Rolls Royce.

DENNIS HOPPER Arrested in 1975 for driving away from an accident. He was released from jail on a bail bond and later fined pounds 150.

JOHN HOSKISON Golfer sentenced to three years for drink-driving, after which he wrote Inside: One Man's Experience of Prison.

DON KING Boxing promoter who spent three years inside for non-negligent homicide in 1959.

SOPHIA LOREN Served one month in a Rome jail for tax evasion

AL PACINO Spent three days behind bars in 1961 for carrying a concealed weapon.

AXL ROSE Had a scuffle with a fan at a concert which led to a riot injuring 65 people. Rose served two years probation for assault in 1992.

CHARLIE SHEEN Given suspended jail term for assaulting his girlfriend in 1995.

MAE WEST Got 10 days on obscenity charges for her Broadway play, Sex.

SARAH THORNTON Jailed for life for killing her husband and freed three years later after a campaign by women's groups turned her into a feminist heroine.

ROBERT MITCHUM Went to jail for 59 days for marijuana possession in 1948.

ERROL FLYNN Put behind bars four times, usually for beating people up.

WESLEY SNIPES Booked in 1993 for carrying a concealed gun. A year later he got 80 hours' community service for reckless driving.

LOUISE WOODWARD Found guilty of second-degree murder but freed when the charge was reduced to manslaughter. Will she or won't she sell her story?