All Prince news is good news. Those put off from buying his latest EP, 'The Beautiful Experience', because it consists merely of seven remixes of his recent Number One single, 'The Most Beautiful Girl In The World', might be interested to hear about The Beautiful Experience, a live happening recently held at the Paisley Park Studios in Minneapolis. An account of the event, posted by a fan on the Rock Net bulletin board of the Compuserve computer network, explained what was on offer to 1,200 diehards who turned up at midnight to see 0+> (as he's known on-line) on home ground. Entertainment making up the Beautiful Experience was housed in 11 different rooms. Starting with. . .

'The Hall of Faces Experience: photos of women who competed for the Most Beautiful Girl in the World advert. The Spoken Word Experience: pages of poetry from books hung all over the wall. The Listening Experience: a studio where an engineer mixed some songs from the album 0+>. The Jazz Experience: Eric Leeds and some others performed live. The 10,000 Experience: a computer playing a sample from the forthcoming interactive CD-Rom game called 0+>. The Dance Experience: Mayte and other dancers dance to two songs. The Peep Show Experience: a view into the dancers' dressing room. The Theatre Experience: the films The Undertaker and The Three Chains o' Gold are shown. The Media Experience: watch MTV and Black Entertainment Television taping the show. The NPG Experience: a room selling merchandise from the New Power Generation store.'

So now you know what he does in his spare time. To access future experiences call 0101 612 882 1161.

'The Beautiful Experience is on release (NPG Records)

(Photograph omitted)