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They say the world of techno has no characters - and why should it, when everyone is so off their faces that the brain's mnemonic facility shuts down before most people have got to the head of the queue? However, you'd have trouble forgetting Ege Bam Yasi (below, centre) if you saw him in his muslin-draped 'chicken shack' at a club or in a field this summer. Ege (pronounced 'Eggy' - he took the name straight from the third album by German experimental group Can) bashes out a 'live set of what he calls veteran techno acid. 'No one's doing acid as hard-boiled as me,' boasts the 35-year-old. 'And I'm not talking about the drug. By acid I mean music like 'I've Lost Control' by Sleazy D, and 'Circuit Breaker' by the Canadian Richie Hawtin.'

Ege uses farm animal samples from old BBC sound effects records to create tracks like his underground hit 'Bubble' and his (rather fast) cover of Can's 'I Want More'.

'I've just started sampling those tapes that help you get to sleep. Also, the orgasm from When Harry Met Sally makes a brilliant intro to anything.' People are going mad for him at the moment. 'I cross over. You've got to have more than one egg in your basket though, so I'm making 'Remont' for Sabres of Paradise's label - it's got pianos and a classical girl singer.' So when will he be done? 'I've got five releases coming out on separate labels in the next six months. I'm not signed. I'm a free-range egg.'

Ege Bam Yasi plays at Club Megadog at The Rocket, Holloway Rd, N7, at around 3am on Sunday.

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