People are spending more and more time in cars, whether it's on the move or stuck in traffic jams, so having a decent sound system makes sense, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune - the audio distributor BBG reckons you need to spend around pounds 350. Car entertainment now also includes built-in TVs and games consoles, which is still pretty pricey, but what cost silent and content children in the back seats?

Clockwise from top left

Alpine in-car entertainment system with Navigation (first three photographs). Alpine offers a complete multimedia system. That's everything from hi-fi to GPS navigation system to built-in PlayStation. The sophisticated car navigation displays vehicle position on a colour monitor and can also give you audio directions. The entertainment system uses monitors built into the headrests and allows rear-seat passengers to watch TV, videos or play computer games. The set up costs about pounds 6,000, plus a pounds 2,000 installation fee. For information and stockists contact Alpine on 01908 619 588.

Pioneer CD-VC50 Voice Controller This is pretty essential if using the 50 CD Changer (bottom). Once you've keyed in the titles of your discs, you play them by simply speaking the title of the CD or name of the artist into the device. You can also change radio stations without taking your hands off the steering wheel. pounds 200. For information and stockists contact Pioneer on 01753 789 789.

Da Vinci Amplifier Stunning-looking 24k gold-plated amplifier with seven (count them) channels for the best in sound. You'll never want to leave your car. pounds 2,700. For information and stockists call BBG on 0181-863 9117.

Pioneer P945R Head Unit Packed full of features, this unit controls the CD and radio, giving 4 x 40 watt output. It's DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) compatible so you can take advantage of digital radio which offers interference-free sound and message services which utilise the text display. Comes complete with remote control. pounds 700. For information and stockists contact Pioneer on 01753 789 789.

Soundstream Exact 10 Sub Speaker (centre of photograph). Traffic and road noises drive out the low frequencies of car hi-fis, so a 10in subwoofer with 600 watts output is just the thing to put it all back again. pounds 260. Plus, the Soundstream Exact 5.3 System American hand-crafted system which deals with the mid-range frequencies and can handle a total of 140 watts of power. pounds 370. For information and stockists call BBG on 0181- 863 9117.

Pioneer CDX-5000 CD Changer An electronic Compact Disc library for the car (you store it in the boot), which gives instant access to 50 discs. pounds 500. For information and stockists contact Pioneer on 01753 789 789.

Traveller Journey planner that works out the best routes around Britain, with special options for avoiding motorways or low bridges. It can also estimate the time of arrival and the cost of journey. pounds 70. Available mail order from Sly Fox on 0181-993 6008.

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