Amy Jones sees who's blooming at a show of floral-inspired design
Arkadius Weremczuk, 29, fashion designer, from north London, wears jacket and shirt from his own label.

"I've been in the UK for five years now - I arrived here with only a rucksack. When I was in Poland I always wanted to be a fashion designer. I discovered my passion for flowers when I went to the Chelsea Flower Show - I loved the wild orchids there. I like this exhibition because there's a good mix of clothing from the 19th and 20th centuries. My clothes have most recently been seen on the cover of Pure magazine, and I have had my own label going now for two years."

Gina Flyvholm, 37, dentist, from Windsor, Berkshire, wears full- length gold jacket and hand-painted orchid dress by Arkadius.

"I am here to support my dear friend Arkadius as he has one of his hand- crafted jackets on display. My daughter is a model, I chaperone her on fashion shoots and met Arkadius through her - I got to know him really well. He's such a lovely man. I have a passion for flowers, they're so delicate - I paint flowers inspired by Georgia O'Keefe. I take an evening art class - we're studying Andrew Goldsworthy and his beautiful flower paintings."

Anthony Coutelle, 28, gardener, from

Ile de la Reunion near Mauritius, wears glasses by Dolce & Gabbana, shirt from Hawaii.

"I love flowers, I grew up with them all around me. I've been coming to London on and off for two years. I love London, I love Portobello, I love the Londoners, they are fantastic people. My favourite piece is the jacket by Arkadius. I love the orchid on it - I specialise in orchids as I grow them in Reunion. They like plenty of water and sun. I talk to them every day - things like "Hello, how are you today" and also about life, love and sometimes even death."

Sarah Gilmour, 27, librarian at The London College of Fashion, from north London, wears choker from Ad Hoc, glasses from Dolland and Aitchison, check top from Mr Ben in Glasgow, vest from Muji.

"My friend Judith is running the exhibition, so I came to support her. I'm also a fashion historian so I am very interested. I love the dress by Matthew Williamson, it's incredibly dramatic. I like the return to romanticism in fashion at the moment, it's about time"

Interviews conducted at the 'Garden' exhibition, Judith Clark Costume Gallery, 112 Talbot Road, London W11 (0171-727 2754).