What kind of man would spend pounds 210 on a cashmere T-shirt? Melanie Rickey went to London's West End to find out
Peter Ellis 37, graphic designer, wears dove-grey cashmere T-shirt (summer 1998), pounds 210, by Prada, trousers by Armand Basi, belt by Comme des Garcons

"Clothes are very important to me. If I leave home with the wrong things on I have a bad day. I've found it's worth paying extra to feel good, and I tend to buy Italian. What sets Prada apart is its attention to detail: the colours, the fit and the quality of the fabric is excellent. Armani is for 50-year-olds, I wouldn't wear it. But Prada? It rolls off the tongue so well. I like Gucci, too, but it's much more `Fashion' than Prada which is just sophisticated and sexy."

Hamish Davies 27, ad man, wears trousers (autumn/winter 97/98), bought in US for $300, and shirt (summer 1997) pounds 120, both Prada

"I tend to go for the Italian look as opposed to quirky English or preppy American, and I prefer Prada by a long way. It's classic tailoring with excellent quality, the buttons never fall off, and the neutral colours are easy to wear and mix. The prize for most money I've ever spent on an item of clothing goes to these trousers, which I bought on a whim in New York. I tend to wear them when I'm going out in the evening, but not for work which has a conservative dress code with the emphasis on suits. "

Martyn Duff 38, creative director, wears black two-piece single-breasted suit, pounds 800, black shirt, pounds 100, leather shoes, pounds 220 and belt, pounds 90 (summer 1998) all by Prada

"I bought this all in one go at Harvey Nichols in Leeds. It's important to invest in good pieces at the beginning of the season. I only wear Prada in a smart context, and mainly for work. I certainly wouldn't wear it as casual attire, it would feel uncomfortable. I travel all the time and have to address large groups, so this look has been very useful so far. I like Prada, and Jil Sander, because it's understated, flattering and interesting without being over the top. "

Stuart Botting 30, actors' agent, wears black jacket, pounds 750, and shirt pounds 100 in sale, (autumn/winter 97/98) both Prada

"This jacket was my first Prada purchase, and was a birthday present to myself. It has been worth every penny, even though I could have bought a small house in Wales with the money. It's English classicism with a modern Italian edge. I wear it to every official outing I go to, and I am always told `Stuart that's lovely Prada', or I'm asked, `Where did you get that?' The best was at the opening of the Miu Miu shop. Miuccia Prada ran her finger across the chest of the jacket and smiled knowingly at me."