Open Eye: Meet Gilbert and George

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They are controversial, they're current... and now they're at the OU - where you could be joining them, courtesy of Open Eye. Gilbert and George, two of the contemporary art world's most talked-about characters, are headlining a series of lectures and events at the OU to celebrate both the opening of Milton Keynes' new gallery, and a new exhibition of their own work within it.

Entitled The Rudimentary Pictures, it comprises 33 entirely new works which, they say, deal with "the issues that confront us daily: our cities, their money, the rain, our sexuality, your sweat..."

Gilbert and George claim to believe in `democratic' art: "We have always believed in an art for which people don't have to read three books before they look at the pictures. We only have three seconds to influence the viewer, otherwise they leave the gallery", they said during a visit to promote the new exhibition.

Planned as an `in conversation with....' event, Gilbert and George's appearance at the OU takes place on 18 November.

Open Eye has two tickets to give away to the reader who best completes the line I would like to attend the Gilbert and George lecture because... Send your entry, on a postcard to: Open Eye, The Communications Group, Berrill Building, The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA, by August 30.