'DANGEROUS' DAVE PEARCE, Breakfast Show DJ, Kiss FM: Only if they'd flossed their teeth, weren't wearing Brut and didn't support Millwall. And I'd avoid beards too.

JACQUES CUVELIER, artist: All kisses are the kiss of life, and we French love kissing. I would imagine that we would find it easier to give the kiss of life to a stranger than the British - who seem to hate kissing under any circumstances.

ANN MORGAN, glass company PR: I'd give my boyfriend the kiss of life, but I think I would definitely draw the line at an old tramp. I don't even sit by them on the train. I don't think anybody would if they were honest with themselves. If I saw Tom Cruise drowning and gagging for breath at my feet I might just help him.

JOHN GANNON, fireman: I saved a dog from a fire by giving it mouth-to-mouth. I'm sure he had fleas because I was scratching for a week after. We were called to a fire on a barge on the canal, and we searched the place twice because we had had a report that someone was in there. We didn't find anybody, but we found this dog under ropes at the front of the boat. We tried to resuscitate it using a cylinder of air, but it ran out so I carried on with my mouth. They called me 'The Vet' after that . . . and some other names.

LAURA BOWEN, student: I would have a go if no-one else looked as though they were going to help. We all learnt it in a big group in the school gym and when we got to the bit about clearing the airway, removing vomit and dentures, everyone said 'Yuk'. I would not be keen to do it on anybody whose tonsils I was not already intimately acquainted with.

DAVE MAGUIRE, town crier: In all honesty I wouldn't like to give it to a drunk bloke who had been sick, but if it came to it I think I would help anyone. After all, human life is sacred.

JULIE MENGHIUS, principal, medical employment agency: Yes, of course I would. I was trained to do it many years ago at an evening class and used it once even though I knew the person was dead. It was an emotional response I suppose, and it did no good, but it's always worth a try.

GEOFFREY HOBBS, hotel receptionist: I've seen them do it on the telly but I don't know how to do it myself. I'd be a bit worried about blood

and Aids. But if someone is in real trouble I suppose you have a go regardless. It must be instinctive.

CLAIRE E RIDER, singer, barber shop choir: Being a bass with excellent breathing control I might blow the person up. Or I might end up kissing them by mistake, especially if it was someone I knew. Good grief] It's almost sexual in a way isn't it?

IAN BLEASDALE, aka Josh Griffiths in Casualty: I notice Di didn't do it. It's typical of royalty to get someone else to do it for them. I'd do it as long as the person wasn't a member of the Tory party.

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