PAUL O'GRADY, aka Lily Savage, performer: I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. I used to work in the office of an abattoir and now I only eat meat that doesn't look like the animal.

EDWINA CURRIE, MP: I'm not at all sentimental, but I usually eat fish or a steak. Veal seems like a particularly insipid meat. I prefer something more red-blooded.

EGON RONAY, food writer: If I suddenly stopped eating it what would happen? Nothing. There is no relation between what consumers eat and what happens to calves, though keeping them in crates is absolutely horrendous.

LISA I'ANSON, DJ: I don't agree with anyone eating veal.

IAN McEWEN, writer: Never. I find it curiously tasteless. It's a very uninteresting meat. Why eat veal when you can eat chicken? If veal vanished off the face of the Earth I don't think humankind would suffer.

SUSAN SULLEY, Human League singer: I haven't eaten meat for 10 years. The way they kill calves is obscene. Veal should be taken off the market.

ADRIEN CLEMMY, butcher: They don't look after veal calves very kindly, but look at the way fish are trawled and left to die. We don't like the thought of that but we still eat fish with our chips.

DAVID SHEPHERD, wildlife artist: I won't eat anything that involves barbarity.

JULIE McKINLEY, hairdresser: Yes, because it tastes good. The way it's raised doesn't even cross my mind. I like it well done. An escalope is the best.

JASON MASSOT, singer/ songwriter: Veal, pate de foie gras, frog's legs, oysters, I eat them all.