CLAIRE RAYNER, agony aunt and author: I use left- overs to make bits and bobs for the next day's meal - the Queen should do the same. I would also suggest the family turn down the heating and wear thicker clothes in winter.

DEREK JAMESON, broadcaster: Emigrate. It's the only way to save money in this country.

NOELLE WALSH, editor, The Good Deal Directory: The royals could make money by selling their clothes to a dress agency. Another useful tip is when envelopes aren't sticky any more, put them in the microwave for two or three seconds and this should rejuvenate them.

PATRICK LEABURN, postman: If the Royal Family want to save on their phone bill they should learn to use a pay phone.

KATH, pensioner: The royals should get rid of their palaces and make do with one home.

CLEM, Big Issue vendor: I'm sure a lot of the royal staff could be replaced by domestic appliances.

RUTH FALBY, housewife: The Princess of Wales could trade in her one-off dresses at one of those cut-price designer second-hand shops. And maybe she could try swimming at the YWCA instead of joining fancy gyms. She would probably get more privacy, too.

SCREAMING LORD SUTCH, musician and politician: Whenever I go away, I freeze all my cartons of milk. It saves them from going off.

GILLY BATTERBEE, Family Circle magazine: Iron old wrapping paper. But be sure to press the unprinted side, or you'll make a terrible mess of your iron.

LOUISE DIX, caterer: Anyone with lots of posh candelabras could save a fortune by keeping their candles in the freezer. It makes them last longer.

AMY DACYCZYN, editor, The Tightwad Gazette: Find entertainment that saves you money. All the things I do for pleasure also happen to be very cost-effective. I reupholster furnishings, go to auctions, and go to car-boot sales.

NINA MYSKOW, newspaper columnist and TV presenter: I'm the last person to ask about saving money. I say 'just spend what you can and don't worry about it'.

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