Hugh Grant: arrested in Hollywood for lewd behaviour in a car with a prostitute

CLAIRE RAYNER, agony aunt: I'd want to know a hell of a lot about the what, the why, the how, the when, but then I probably would forgive him. It was only sex after all.

LIZ JONES, advertising executive: No, I don't think I could - I might catch something dreadful.

IVOR DEMBINA, comedian: Liz will never forgive him. For pounds 65? I'm sure she'd have done it for fifty!

TAMARA GILLON, film production assistant: Absolutely not. It's a public relationship, so not only has she been humiliated on a private level, she has been humiliated on a public level.

PENNY ALLEN, wife and mother: No. What I can't understand is why he had to pay for it when he's got all those girls drooling over him.

MARY JESSOP, secretary: No, because I think he has destroyed their trust. He's publicly humiliated her - all eyes are going to be on her now.

MALCOLM BLAIR, builder: Yes. I think probably what he says is true - it was a moment of madness, so why ruin a beautiful loving relationship? I'm speaking tongue in cheek now, but it's a bit of a tongue- in-cheek situation.

ANNE STREET, shop assistant: No. The relationship has been weakened and you can never go back to being how you were.

SUSAN DAVIS, telephone operator: Without the publicity yes, with the publicity no. Let's face it, every time their names are mentioned it's going to be brought up.

STEVE PARLANTI, driving instructor: No. I think he's wrong for her and she should find somebody else. I would be delighted if she knocked on my door. If she wanted driving lessons I'd be even more delighted.

JIM PERRY, estate agent: Yes, because he was so contrite. I don't think my girlfriend would forgive me.

NIKI ADAMS, spokeswoman for the English Collective of Prostitutes: Many women don't object to their husbands or boyfriends going to prostitute women. They might not want a sexual relationship with their partner, and are happy that he goes elsewhere for that particular aspect.

ROSE BLACK, shop assistant: I would forgive, but I certainly wouldn't forget.