TERESA GORMAN, MP for Billericay: I like hairy men. I think they're very attractive. Men without hair are highly suspect: it's a sign that their hormones aren't working properly.

SIR RANULPH FIENNES, explorer: I find women more attractive if they are smooth and not hairy. As for me, I have to make do with the halfway stage of not being ape-like and not being completely smooth. Is that sexy? Well, since I've been married for more than 20 years, it's such a long time since it really mattered that I can't answer that.

ISABEL KOPROWSKI, managing editor, For Women Only: It's exciting to see a little chest hair peeking out of an open shirt collar or creeping down over wrists.

TIM BLAKE, estate agent: It's a definite no-no on a woman because it implies masculinity. But my chest is very hairy and no way would I wax it. My girlfriend once waxed a bit of my leg for a joke and it bloody hurt and the strip was still bald six weeks later.

SUE BROWN, record company press officer: The best chest ever belongs to Joe Perry from Aerosmith - smooth as a baby's bottom and very muscly.

PHILIP PHEDONOS, car salesman: I have my chest hair trimmed and my back waxed once a month. Yeah, it's a bit painful, but I do a lot of weight training and I don't like hair on my body. I don't think men like hairy women, either.

NODDY HOLDER, lead singer, Slade: Agassi said he shaved to be more aerodynamic. Perhaps the British football and cricket teams could do with shaving as well. Some women are turned on by a hairy chest. I've only got two hairs on mine, I've cultivated them very carefully over the years.

JOHN PULLEN, monkey keeper, London Zoo: It's not the amount of hair you have but how well groomed you are. Kumba, the male gorilla, has a tremendously hairy bottom and arms but he's in great condition and is a big hit with his two wives.

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