Taki, writer: It's the most outrageous sentence I've ever heard. They both admitted they had been drinking, and nothing happened. I hate English judges with a passion - you can record that, and make sure you use the F word.

Tim McInstrey, fund-manager: If she was sitting there and no words had passed between them, well, as a man you're bound to try aren't you? That aside, it didn't warrant three years in prison.

John, criminal defence counsellor: Sentences for rape ought to be much heavier: seven years at least. He came over incredibly badly in the trial. It was a high-risk strategy to try and humiliate her in court. I wasn't suprised.

Valerie Riches, founder of Association of Catholic Women: Unless you were there in the bedroom, how do you know? Men nowadays seem to think that if they spend some money on a woman it gives them a right to do what they want.

Mary Killen, authority on etiquette: To try to sue all the people that ever tried to get into bed with one would be ridiculous. He's a classic nerd, poor thing. But it is absolutely disgusting if someone touches you if you don't fancy them.

Lynsey De Paul, singer: Men are entirely different beings. They have no control over their physical responses. But there's not a woman alive who hasn't come across this kind of thing. We must not make decisions on the basis of newspaper reports.

Evelyn Kark, director, Lucie Clayton Academy: With Michael Howard cracking down on everybody, people will say it's too light] I do think three years is a bit heavy if the girl did what Diggle claims she did. I would say, 'Weren't you a silly girl, why did you strip in front of him?'

Mark Buist, entertainment manager: Didn't he say something like, 'I spent pounds 200 on her, I had every right'.

I think three years is far too good with a comment like that]

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