CHRIS EUBANK, boxer: To fill the young blood of Great Britain with the passion to compete, succeed and win. And to make money.

CHRISTINA ODONE, editor, The Catholic Herald: To convert Prince Charles to catholicism and then to double the circulation.

JOHN COLE: TV journalist: A place for everything and everything in its place - and for most of the paper that crosses my desk it's the waste-paper basket.

JOHN SUCHET, newsreader: To use the exercise bike beyond January 31; to stop craving chocolate after every meal; to get past page 25 of A Brief History of Time; to learn to carve; to watch Drop the Dead Donkey.

PENNY THORNTON, Princess Diana's astrologer: To give up all thoughts of becoming a dame and look for a knight in shining armour. Also, to confront the vegetable compartment of my fridge every day.

GAYNOR GROVES, housewife: I'm going to stop cooking food that no-one will eat because they're on diets or have gone vegetarian or because it's not eco-friendly or dolphin- friendly or aardvark-friendly or whatever.

GERALD SMITH, headmaster in charge of the Bosnian relief buses, Northampton: To continue highlighting the plight of the people of Bosnia. I'm sorry, that's all that's on my mind at the moment.

ANTHONY GREEN, artist: My main resolution is to have more sex. Middle age has crept up on me I suspect, but I have a wonderful wife who I've been married to for 32 years who's keen to help me on that one.

STEVE PURVIS, property developer: I'm going to give up learning how to drive, because it's all over for cars: they're smelly and it takes hours to get anywhere. It's quicker by bike.

BARBARA CARTLAND, novelist: I shall continue to give the world - because I am the best-selling author in the world - the romance, love and happiness that it, frankly, needs. I don't need to worry about giving up drinking or smoking, I'm doing extremely well. I'm not doing badly for 92, am I?

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