Opinions: Which TV programme would you axe?

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GREER: Neighbours, because it's such shlock. In fact, name any Australian soap and I'd axe it.

TERRY CHRISTIAN, presenter: Horse of the Year Show for definite because I hate it. God knows who watches it. And anything with Noel Edmonds in, especially that Noel's House Party. I can't stand all that Crinkly Bottom.

VANESSA FELTZ, GLR presenter and chat show host: All the things that wet, liberal Islington dwellers say they watch, like all those wildlife programmes.

MARY WHITEHOUSE: Grange Hill is a programme that needs reconsidering - many of its story lines are quite unacceptable for family viewing.

TOMMY DOCHERTY, former footballer/manager: Neighbours. They show it twice because people can't believe it's so bad the first time round.

TRUDY STUDDEN, hairdresser: EastEnders, because it's boring and depressing. Also Beadle's About which is a silly show - I don't think embarrassing people is very funny.

HOWARD SCHUMAN, playwright: Danny Baker's show, Pets Win Prizes - people deserve better than this. And Neighbours, for destroying an entire generation's sense of dramatic structure and dress sense.

GARY BUSHELL, journalist: I can't stand those medical shows like Medics and Casualty. The worst ones are the real life ones. If God had wanted us to see inside our stomachs he would have put French windows in our bellies.

PENNY LLOYD, wife and mother: Masterchef and that dreadful bloke, Loyd Grossman.

MR C J PATTERSON, inspector of taxes: Any sports programme. What I object to is when they run over time.

RAVI PETER, television repair man: Neighbours and Home and Away because the characters in them change their boyfriends and girlfriends just about every minute. Little kids will think that's the way life should be.

STEVEN SMITH, cameraman: All game shows, especially Scavengers. It's just big boys playing action men.

JEREMY JOSEPH, club promoter: Every programme on a Sunday apart from Little House on the Prairie. And all sport - sport is for playing, not for watching.

SHERIDAN NYE, media student: I'd like to axe ITV - there's nothing to be said for the channel, apart from Coronation Street.

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