DAVID BELLAMY, naturalist: My main concern is that there are one and a half billion women in the world of childbearing age. If they all got pregnant at one time the world population would go up by one and a half billion - something very few people think about.

SUSAN THORNE, senior citizen: I feel most dreadfully worried about the prospect of wars in Iraq and Yugoslavia, because I am old enough to remember the last one. Think of all our poor soldiers. And all those poor people and children out there - it makes me ashamed.

PIERS PAUL READ, author: I can't think of any world event I find worrying. I feel full of optimism and hope.

PAUL PICKERING, author: The fact that Prince Charles wants to be a female physical appliance makes Iraq pale into insignificance. It's worrying when something you've regarded as totally stable behaves in such an unexpected way.

SIR KINGSLEY AMIS: The threat of our getting involved in a civil war in Yugoslavia.

JENNY TAPNER, solicitor: Somalia, because my cousin is out there, involved with the RAF relief mission.

DONNA MOORE, student: I'm more worried that a young man can be shot dead on Moss Side in cold blood than by anything happening abroad.

PATRIC WALKER, astrologer: My immediate reaction is Yugoslavia. The problems in Iraq will come and go, won't they?

WILL SELF, novelist: What grabs me in particular is something relatively close to home, and that is the SAS soldiers who allegedly murdered members of the IRA. I do not sympathise with the IRA's cause, but this issue is about basic civil liberties.

ADAM SAMPSON, Prison Reform Trust: The event which has given me most cause for distress over recent months is the collapse of Maidstone Utd Football club. Otherwise for pure historical reasons, it is Yugoslavia.

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