ALAN BLEASDALE, playwright: John Peel, because he's intelligent. There's a humility about him. He genuinely loves music while other DJs just seem to love themselves. I love the way he gives opportunities to new bands, especially in the present social climate. It's a rare treat.

A S BYATT, novelist: I have never listened to a DJ in my life. I don't like their forced affability and the way they patronise and think they are funny. I always turn them off.

MATTHEW BANNISTER, Radio 1 controller: Apart from all our current line-up, my favourite is Alan 'Fluff' Freeman. The quality of his voice combined with constant enthusiasm means he still sounds exciting after all these years. We all love Uncle Fluff.

CHRIS TARRANT, Capital Radio DJ and TV presenter: Kenny Everett. He was the inspiration to everybody 20 years ago and he still is. He remains the most original figure on the airwaves.

HENRY KELLY, Classic FM presenter: Terry Wogan. Asking me why is like asking why you like sitting in the sunshine. He's far and away the best. He's unpretentious and has that great Irish ability to mock himself.

JACOB ISAACSON, taxi driver: I listen to Radio 4 in my cab. Anything else is drivel, except the World Service. I dread to think what ideas my children pick up from DJs. I don't think they know what they're saying half the time. Mind you, I always used to listen to Jimmy Savile when I was younger.

MIKE CLOW, decorator: I don't listen to Radio 1 now all my favourites have gone - DLT, Gary Davies, Simon Bates. Ed Stewart is a my-generation DJ. I look forward to him after Gloria Hunniford on Radio 2. He plays the golden oldies I like. The young ones listen to Steve Wright - I can't stand him.

SUSAN BODY, seamstress: Now we've got these new sewing machines we can't hear the radio. But when we could, we all listened to Steve Wright in the afternoon. I didn't take much notice of the music but he was interesting to listen to. If he played anything a bit too punky we turned it off.

QUIN JESSOP, student: Gilles Peterson, who does The Vibra Zone on Kiss FM. He's cool. The music plays and his voice comes in really softly. It's very relaxing. My brother even sent me a tape of it when I was in New Zealand.

SALLY FITZGERALD, club DJ: Danny Rampling, who does Kiss FM on Saturday evening. He's very get up and go. I always listen while I'm getting ready to go out.

DAVID, farmer: Simon Groom on Three Counties Radio - Beds, Herts and Bucks. He used to be a Blue Peter presenter. He plays things like Freddie and the Dreamers. You just can't help listening because it's so cringe-making.

JOAN LIGHT, pensioner: Jimmy Young, because he's quite a joker and I like the sort of things his show covers. He plays my type of music, not this up-to-the-minute stuff - I don't go for that much.