ALICE THOMAS ELLIS, writer: Haven't got the faintest idea. I'm trying to find a suitable word for the whole business - I was going to say crap, but that may be too rude. The total thing is absolute idiocy. The MEPs seem to be drawing huge salaries, managing to cream a few quid on every trip they make, whilst back at the ranch things are getting worse. They are completely anonymous. It's very disillusioning.

PETER BROMWICH, cheesemonger: No damned idea whatsoever. I'm going to vote but it won't affect my cheeses. It's the French cheese farmers who are suffering the most because of Euro food regulations. Some of them can't be bothered to export any more. So we just change to another similar type of cheese. The ordinary man in the street doesn't have a clue about the regulations that affect his cheeses. Voting for a Euro MP won't affect our daily lives.

FRANCOISE FOURTEAU, personal assistant to Vivienne Westwood: Yes, I know the French MEP, of course I do, it's Jacques Delors. But I must tell you that in France nobody's interested in the elections right now because of Sarajevo.

STEVEN BELL, international economist, Morgan Grenfell: I don't know, terrible isn't it? I'm not very politically active, I think that the borough I live in is so outrightly Tory that I feel apathetic and uninspired about voting. There is no public information campaign as to what MEPs actually do.

MARGARET DALY, MEP for Somerset and Dorset West: Of course I do, it's me. It is very frustrating that people don't know more about their MEPs. It's so sad that people don't take more interest in the European Parliament.

PETER THOMAS, marketing director, Perrier UK: I don't know. I am not going to vote. I don't see the point. The Euro MPs in Hertfordshire are not very visible and nothing has been put through my door. The local paper doesn't write about it. I am much more interested in what's happening to the Labour Party and Bill Clinton.

GRAHAM CORBETT, chief financial officer, EuroTunnel: I actually did know and have completely forgotten. Met him four weeks ago and he was completely forgettable. I'm definitely going to vote. I am appalled at the recent indications of a very low voting turn out - much lower than the rest of Europe. I suppose I'm more conscious of European issues partly because I have homes at both ends of the Channel Tunnel.

JANICE HUGHES, German language student: I haven't a clue. Having said that though I still intend to vote. I've just got back from Germany where people seem much more aware of European issues and that sort of fired me up, even people my age. I'll have to find out who my MEP is and suss them out - some of them just sit in aeroplanes don't they?