CAPTAIN ROLIE, charter helicopter pilot: Certainly not. Just who does she think she is? I absolutely loathe her, she's a fox, she's no more a duchess than my foot. She probably put herself for it because she wanted some free flights. Audrey Hepburn was class, she was divine.

JOHN KEANE, official Gulf war artist: No, and the UN has ended up with a certain amount of egg on its face for mooting it in the first place. It's the latest in a series of blunders. But I was a big fan of Audrey Hepburn . . .

MAX CLIFFORD, agent/image consultant: On the plus side, she would have attracted more publicity in a year than they have had in five, though some

of it might have been bad. That's the choice. When you meet her she does come across as a bit of a Sloane. She may upset

the die-hards but she isn't so unpopular with the younger generation.

JUDY WADE, royal correspondent, Hello]: I have seen her make people live three or four weeks longer than they could have in her work with motor neurone disease. She cares very deeply about refugees and she is utterly sincere. People in this country don't give anyone credit for trying to turn over a new leaf.

CHRIS MULLIN, MP: I am trying to think of a good soundbite, but the idea just filled me with horror. What is needed is decisive intervention by the UN, not a distasteful gimmick.

MARGARET HYATT, chiropodist: No, not until she sorts herself out and gets a better reputation for herself.

KATE ROBBINS, Fergie voice on Spitting Image: I wouldn't mind going out on a hen night with her, but I wouldn't fancy talking to her about Bosnia. And it sounds awful, but it's hard not to associate her with freebies. You wonder if she'd be in it for the overnight socks on the airplane.

ANDREW MORTON, author of Diana: Her True Story: She's the Mike Atherton of the Royal Family: she needs to prove that she's up to the job. The

jury's out on her at the moment, although she has a far better image in America and Australia than here.

AMNA ORUC, Bosnian refugee: Yes, for sure, on the grounds of what she's done so far. She's objective, educated enough and has experience.

ADRIAN QUINE, journalist specialising on UN: The question you have to ask yourself is do you really want someone who exposes their tits representing the United Nations?

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