GEORGE BEST, ex-footballer: Yes, definitely. I have been involved myself and I was lucky I didn't hurt myself or anyone else. With drink driving there is no sitting on the fence. Everyone has his own level - one person can get drunk on one pint and another will say he is still sober. That's why a total ban is the only thing that will work.

HELEN STOREY, designer: I think people ought to have the wherewithal to know when enough is enough. Clearly some people do need guidance otherwise they don't care about it until an accident happens. But if there is another way of deterring people by making the fines really horrendous and being able to actually enforce them, then that should be strengthened.

JEFFREY BERNARD, writer: No, I don't favour a ban on anything except cruelty, murder and boredom. I gave up driving in 1980 because I didn't want to kill anyone. There should be a ban on secretaries in the pub when it's office party time. They not only take up the room of regular drinkers but also vomit everywhere and get pregnant.

DEBBIE, casualty nurse: Yes, because some people are so stupid and selfish you can't rely on their common sense.

SIMON HAWKINS, publican: The drink drive regulations work well as far as law abiding customers are concerned. There will always be a hard core minority who will ignore the regulations. A total ban wouldn't affect them but it would make criminals of a wide range of law abiding people who feel they are quite competent to drive.

KATHY LETTE, novelist: Absolutely. Once you've got children you want to know that every single person behind a steering wheel has the reflexes of an Olympic Gold Medallist Athlete.

NICK HARRIS, police traffic sergeant: In this country we dangle a carrot in front of people. We say, 'You can have a couple of drinks and you may be all right'. It would be better to say, 'Don't drink, end of story'.

SYBIL, singer: A total ban is a bit extreme. The first time you are caught the punishment should be severe enough to make you never do it again.

BARBARA GORDON, yoga teacher/psychotherapist: I don't think it would work because human beings like to take chances. Stress makes some people turn to alcohol, which provides a superficial relaxation. But yoga totally relaxes you - it's a lot cheaper and you can drive safely afterwards as well.

GEORGINA, doctor: I agree there should be a complete ban. I think even more strongly that there should be random breath tests.