WENDY COHEN, mother, resident of Daley Thompson Way, London SW8: When people ask where I live and I say 'Daley Thompson Way' I feel obliged to tell them that I'm not winding them up, that I really live there. We immediately thought of ourselves when we saw the Reg Jones thing on TV.

JANET SUZMAN, actress: I'd like to live in Reg Jones Close, although I don't think there's much in a name. I used to live in The Vale of Health in the middle of Hampstead Heath, but it was known as the Valley of the Shadow of Health - a jokey biblical reference.

REGINALD JONES, Companion of Honour (no relation): I wouldn't want to live in a street named after me. I've always felt that my name is an inelegant combination of Christian name and surname: the Gs and Ns just don't sit well together for a street name.

MARY GREELEY, retired teacher: I live in Robin Hood Way and when you go abroad, especially to Canada, they think it's lovely and posh. But it's not, it's right on the blooming A3. Robin Hood is a British hero and so is Reg Jones and people should be proud of them both.

SHARRON CHAPMAN, mother, resident of Tessa Sanderson Place, London SW8: Living on Tessa Sanderson Place is pretty cool. My family back in the States think it's great because back home they don't have streets named after sportsmen, only after film stars.

PAUL, bus driver: Since when do people choose their own road names anyway? Street names don't really matter. I've been driving my bus round Sir Cyril Black Way for months and I've got no idea who he is.

JANE MICHAELS, foster parent, resident of Nelson Mandela Close, London N10: I hate the name Nelson Mandela Close, not the man. The minute you sign something Nelson Mandela Close people know that you're from a council estate. It's a typical Harringay thing to do, to be so extremist in naming new streets. I'm finding it very hard to get a house exchange because of the name of the street mine is in.

THE YUMAKCI FAMILY, residents of Nelson Mandela Close: We like the name, but many of the English people round here minded a lot when our estate was called Nelson Mandela Close. For the first few years a lot of people kept throwing blue paint at the sign. We wouldn't mind Churchill Close because he was a great leader too.

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