MARY WESLEY, writer: Iam not. I didn't know who OJ Simpson was before all this. I was just thinking yesterday, why do our newspapers have to be full of American trials? There are far more interesting things to write about. It's American hysteria - what'sit got to do with us?

NICHOLAS PARSONS, quiz presenter: I don't have time to watch it on television. Of course he is innocent until proven guilty, but I think he's going to have a hell of a job getting off.

NICOLA NEWMAN, hairdresser: I am not really sure what you're talking about. I don't watch television, I work all the time.

DOUGLAS HODGE, actor: Not at all. I hardly ever watch television and I'm not interested in basketball. When the trial is over I expect they'll make some horrendous Hollywood mini-series about it.

TOM COX, French polisher: I'm really not interested one single iota. I know these real life programmes are supposed to be so rivetting, but frankly I prefer Inspector Morse or Kavanagh QC.

DENNIS MATTHEWMAN, retired businessman: I'd never heard of him before the car chase, though I understand he's very popular in America - a footballer, I believe. I'm against the televising of trials. The only interesting thing will be to see how American justice turns out after all this brouhaha.

ANNABEL LORD, housewife: It's none of our business, we've got enough misery of our own over here. I'm not interested in him - ask me what I think about that poor Private Clegg and I'll give you a bit more of an opinion!

TURAN TUNC, takeaway owner: At first I didn't know who OJ Simpson was. It was only later that I realised he was the star of the Naked Gun films. The trial is entertainment and now I'm looking forward to a film of it. I would call it What's glove got to do with it?

NEICA SLEEP, estate agent: Yes I am, most probably because my son is an American football fanatic and it's rubbed off on me.

STEVE PARKER, author: They've been serialising it on Sky and for ages I thought it was something to do with the Simpsons cartoon - Bart, Homer and OJ. I certainly haven't been following it. What he's definitely guilty of is being thoroughly boring. He could be convicted of that today on very solid evidence.

TONY GREEN, pensioner: No. It looks like lasting a lifetime. Perry Mason's cases were boring too, but at least they only lasted an hour.

MARILYN SMITH, pest controller: No, no, no. I am just not interested.

ROSE, ex-milliner: I know the name, just a moment while I think . . . he's the star who killed his wife. I'm not following the story. If I want a soap opera I'll watch EastEnders. I don't like any American television because I'm a bit deaf and I can never understand a word they say.

JOHN HEGLEY, poet: Too many people are interested already. I try to be interested in things that no one else is interested in.