Opportunities for everyone

African Caribbean finance forum graduate recruitment fair 19 march, islington business design centre


The Government's Investing in Young People initiative involves a wide range of organisations, including the Careers Service, working in partnership to tackle the effects of disaffection and social exclusion among young people so that they may fulfil their potential.

This will mean breaking new ground truly to reach and engage young people who have previously not been strongly influenced by more traditional approaches.

Similarly, for adults we have started with the "Learning Line", and will be following this with an extensive campaign to encourage all parts of the community to engage with lifelong learning, which will aim to encourage everyone, including those who do not now see themselves as suitable, to take up education and training opportunities to improve their present and future skills and opportunities.

It is the all-inclusiveness of these approaches that I want to emphasise. They are for everyone, regardless of age, gender, culture or social background. In particular, I hope they will inspire those previously unimpressed or untouched by opportunities to raise self-esteem and employability to fulfil their potential.

For those reasons, I send my wholehearted support and best wishes to the Careers Fair, to be held on 19 March at Islington Business Design Centre, in its work to raise the aspirations and achievements of ethnic groups.

Tony Blair, March 1998