Client: Levi Strauss (Germany).

Agency: Aigner und Partner.

Campaign objectives: The 517 is the alternative to the legendary 501. The 517 has nearly the same cut, but has more leg-room.

Client's statement: 'Apparently the ad mirrors a very German kind of humour...'

Client: Danish Office for Milk.

Agency: NP/Grey Odense.

Campaign objectives: To refresh younger

people's view of milk.

Agency's statement: 'The client was afraid that the style and tone in the proposition from Grey Odense was too controversial - though the target group had been established to be young, conscious cola consumers. But we can inform you that some text fragments from our proposition are being used in the present campaign.'

Client: Law Society of Scotland.

Agency: Covey Advertising Edinburgh .

Campaign objectives: To persuade people who need the services of solicitors that there is a right way and a wrong way of solving legal problems. The tone of voice was humorous to convey that solicitors understood the consumers' frustration.

Client's statement: 'The campaign was rejected by the Council of the Law Society of Scotland, a body elected by solicitors to manage the affairs of our profession. The Law Society had carried out research to find out whether the advertising would be effective before making their decision.'

From 'Unpublished - Best Rejected Advertising', published by Grey Press (Berlin); tel: 0049 30 217 52304