Outtakes: Shoreditch photographer Bonieventure pictures his local heroes. Charlotte Edwards reports

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Many people have captured a Kodak moment at their local when tired and emotional, but photographer Bonieventure has gone a step further. To expand on his collection of snapshots of nightlife at the Barley Mow, in London's Shoreditch, Bonieventure invited his drinking buddies back to the studio for more formal portraits. The resulting series, he claims, represents "a reasonable cross-section of the Shoreditch population", a motley crew of Bohemians - artists, musicians and part-time philosophers - briefly united by what Bonieventure calls his "messing around" behind the camera. Some are just passing through, en route to and from openings at the nearby Underwood Street Gallery, but most are Shoreditch residents.

"There's a core group at the Barley Mow which has been there since the recession," Bonieventure says proudly. Although his photographs celebrate continuing traditions and familiar faces, the collection also betrays a nostalgia for nights gone by. Life is changing in the "Ditch". Hailed as "the new Soho", the Triangle - the network of roads at the heart of the area - has swapped its old East End identity for internet cafes and hyper-trendy bars. Rent rises have forced some of the regulars at the Barley Mow to find work or move out, but the landlord, Ian, is confident his pub can embrace the Zeitgeist and still remain true to its roots: "We are moving with the times. We sell all the trendy beers, and Alexander McQueen and Kate Moss have been seen in here. But we're still not going to stop serving real ales. It's mixed well so far; everybody's happy." Ian says Bonieventure's work bears witness to this marriage of old and new. "He's fantastic. He's been observing the people round here for a long time now, he knows who comes and goes" "In and Out the Barley Mow", by Bonieventure, will be exhibited at The Bean Coffee Bar, 126 Curtain Road, London EC2, from 3-15 August, and at the LEA Gallery, 2-4 Hoxton Square, London N1, on 18 August

Zoe Hope and Elsie textile designer.

Lives in the Shoreditch Triangle. Elsie likes to join her in the pub. Her usual? A bowl of water.

Karim community-hall caretaker. Regarded as a character and philosopher. Lives on the nearby Boundary Estate.

Tim Noble and Sue Webster local artists and residents. Rarely grace the Barley Mow at the moment; current work takes up all their time.

Sue and Sandi known as the Burmese Twins. Appear regularly behind and in front of the bar, and at almost every party in Shoreditch.

Deborah Rigby artist. Once a frequent visitor to the Barley Mow, but since completing her MA last year she now only drops in for a swift one.

Paul Brimmer musician. Keen bongo player and one-time photographer, a nocturnal visitor to all parts of Shoreditch.

Gordon Faulds DJ, aka Strictly Gordo. Publishes The Ditch magazine; often drops in to catch up on local gossip.

Rogan Jeans graphic designer and art director. A regular, who works in Old Street; often drops in on the way to his home to Bethnal Green.

Cas and Frank local businessmen. Sharp dressers at all times. Often to be found enjoying an early-evening session.

The `Old Street Onions' the local rugby team in celebratory form outside the Barley Mow