From Hebden Bridge to Urbino, Glen Baxter's dish of seared luncheon meat with balsamic sago is held in awe. Here, we preview his latest gourmet guide
Nottingham Picnic Spinach

Ingredients: bicycle with saddlebag 2lb spinach

1 bottle Lee Kum Kee oyster sauce 12oz butter (unsalted)

1 pair of pliers

box matches

Cooking method Cycle to designated picnic area. Dismount. Remove cover from bicycle bell. Light fire. Hold inverted bell top over flame with pliers. Toss in butter. Gradually empty all spinach from saddlebag into bell cover. Garnish with five drops of oyster sauce. Toss three times and serve immediately.

Himmel und Erde, serves one

A delicacy from the Rhine area.

Ingredients: 8lb apples

14lb potatoes 10 blutwurst sausages

12 lb butter

4oz lard

Cooking method

Peel and chop the apples and potatoes. Boil in water for 18mins. Drain. Pound remains to a puree using a wooden mallet. Set to one side.

Fry sausages in lard until cooked. Toss apple and potato puree into the sausage pan and amalgamate. Empty into small oak barrel (preferably one served with elvish figures, brandishing gherkins and sprigs of rosemary in the Rhenish style) and bring to the table.

`Glen Baxter's Gourmet Guide', Bloomsbury, pounds 12.99.To order a copy (P&P incl), telephone 01634 297 123