You make it easy for them to sample, you get them used to it, you give them things they recognise. Then, after six months, you can do what you like. It's like going out with a girl.

Chris Evans's formula for attracting a good audience for TV, Telegraph

Well, 'One Fine Day' is kinda a new twist in feminism.

Michelle Pfeiffer, actress, on her latest movie, Times

The first time out is fine, then you get knocked about a bit on your third night, and you go back four days later and you get knocked about again, but if you've got a knife you're OK.

Rupert Everett, actor, on his rent-boy past, Telegraph

Not only is what we are doing exactly what we want to do, it's brilliant.

Ian McCulloch of Echo and the Bunnymen, Guardian

Everyone says I am really nice now. I myself don't notice a difference at all, but I've been told. Everybody right now says I am saintly, open. A thin teddy bear.

Lou Reed, rock legend, now 54 years old, Telegraph

The thing I dread is getting on a bit and walking up and down Wardour Street, trying to collar people and saying, "I'm sure I've got one more film left in me."

David Puttnam, film-maker, on why he's giving up film making before he turns 60, Telegraph

Left, right, it's all irrelevant. It's a convenient way of making people think they have a choice. The right to choose between some f****r in a grey suit and some other f****r in a blue suit.

Thom Yorke, Radiohead's frontman, Telegraph

I have enough problems with tabloids jumping on me asking if I have skimmed milk. If I wrote songs as well, they'd be in me bedroom under the duvet.

Liam Gallagher explains why he doesn't exercise his songwriting skills, ibid

In other circumstances, procuring sex would be called pimping. They are seeing just how far they can push back the boundaries.

Ann Widdecombe on the upcoming TV show 'Armchair Pulling', Guardian

nthe serious dance acts have taken the trouble to forge an identity.

The Prodigy's Keith Flint at Glastonbury, The Times.

"Well, One Fine Day is kinda a new twist in feminism." Michelle Pfeiffer on her latest movie, One Fine Day, The Times Magazine.

"In the black periods, when I felt I had nothing, I thanked God for my music and my kids." Paul Weller, The Guardian Weekend.

"The first time out is fine, then you get knocked about a bit on your third night of work, and you go back four days later and you get knocked about again, but you've got a knife you're OK. It becomes second nature." 38-year-old, Rupert Everett, the upper-middle class actor, speaks about his life as a male prostitute and being homosexual, The Daily Telegraph.

"My one life regret is having under-age sex. If only I'd waited until I was 16, it wouldn't have seemed so sensationally immoral ... I wish I'd had a resident father because there's no way then that events would have unfolded as they did" Mandy Smith, Hello!, The Guardian - G2.

Oh Dad, leave me alone. I'm going to be a really famous movie director some day. I don't need all this school stuff.

Steven Spielberg on his childhood years when his father continually asked him to pay more attention to his school work, The Daily Telegraph.