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Lose him, lose him, lose him ... Oh, he's a referee? Get rid of him anyway, get rid of him. No, no, don't bring him back. I don't have referees on this show, Keith [producer]. It's a football-supporters' programme. I'm not interested in keeping some kind of balanced argument. Blimey, referees coming on here - we're only doing our job. No one puts a gun to your head, do they? Bugger off if you don't like the heat, get out of it.

Danny Baker says goodbye to his BBC pay-check, Radio 5 Live

I just wondered if you get tired of the sound of your voice?

Brian from Inverness, ibid

No, never. It's an hour-long show. It's on the radio, there are other stations. If you don't like it, go away.

Baker, ibid

I thought "pop" was a term of abuse, it seemed sort of insulting and lightweight. I didn't realise how cool it was. Because some of the best music does have a lightweight quality, it has a kind of oxygen in it, which is not to say it's emotionally shallow. We've had to get the brightly coloured wrapping paper right, because what's underneath is not so sweet.

Bono, who has called U2's new album Pop, Telegraph

Somebody asked me the other day if there will ever be a director's cut. No. This is the director's cut.

Anthony Minghella, who adapted and directed The English Patient, Independent

He's so ridiculously beautiful. I realised I had competition when I saw the bit where he runs off into the sunset and I thought: Damn, give me more make-up, quick!

Kristin Scott Thomas on her English Patient lover Ralph Fiennes, Daily Telegraph

There is a kind of forgiveness for the Nicholson character, because people want him to be evil. There's a high audience tolerance for Jack's Bad-Boy self. You ought to make him a really vicious fucking character so that people would go, "Hang on, I don't like Jack Nicholson that way".

Bob Rafelson, director of Blood and Wine, Time Out