Everybody thinks I've got these huge breasts because, for certain roles, like being pregnant in Fargo and a mother of five in Raising Arizona, I have worn silicone breasts. I don't wear them to auditions but I take them in their box so people can see what I look like in them.

Frances McDormand, London Evening Standard

I needed to have the most sophisticated audience, I needed to have the kind of cult, emotional music audience.

Vincent Gallo, star of Palookaville, Guardian

These ballet boys who tell the hairdresser to shave them with the number 2 clippers drive me nuts. How can you attach a wig to that?

Ron Freeman, make-up artist to the Royal Opera, Daily Telegraph

Mums complained that I had corrupted their sons and taught them to wipe bogies on the furniture.

Erstwhile Young One Rick Mayall, Time Out

As I stood next to the cash register, the sky seemed to suddenly open over my head and a throng of beautiful angels came flying down and swirled around me. In glorious, lilting tones their voices rang out: "You haaaate your job, you haaaate your job." I knew it was true - angels don't lie.

Gary Larson, The Far Side cartoonist, on his calling, Telegraph

My wife and I looked at each other just thought "restaurant".

Mel Smith, actor, on watching the Steve Martin film LA Story, Guardian

I was evil. I loved beating my wife up and smashing my step-brother to a pulp night after night.

Sir Cliff Richard on playing Heathcliff, Standard

I had a hard time warming him up and I knew it wasn't me because I don't usually have a hard time in that area.

Linda Fiorentino, actress, on her Men in Black co-star, the flinty Tommy Lee Jones, Telegraph

"Prince came to hear me sing in Minneapolis and stayed for the entire show, which I'm told he doesn't normally do. He sent me a note, inviting me to visit him at Paisley Park and saying something very personal and wonderful- kind of "Thank you for you". "

Erykah Badu, singer, Times Magazine, July 12th p17

"...when eventually I got home that evening, I sat straight down and wrote five lines of blank verse about the date. A brief, factual description about every stage, and at the bottom I wrote about "a kiss to be remembered".

Hal Fowler, actor and writer, on his first date with (now wife) Kim Wilde, The Independent Tabloid, 15th July, p10

"...so many people were motivated to be in bands 'cos they were complete fuckwits and social inadequates. And I was one of them."

Edwyn Collins, singer, Time Out, July 16, p21

"...the stoicism of the chicken in front of the absurdity and violence of mankind is always funny"

Jerome Savary, producer for Glyndebourne, on using chickens for performances, The Telegraph, July 16, p20

"Whatever's in vogue isn't me."

Morrissey, The Big Issue, July 14, p12