Yeah, but that's because I owe them money.

George Clooney, cinema's latest Batman, on being chased by women, Guardian

There was some indecision as to when I was born. My sister said it was 1916. I lost my birth certificate.

Michael Gough, who plays the butler in Batman and Robin, asked if he will turn 80 this year, Times

I spent a lot of time whipping people ... once you get into it, it's really qiuet fun.

Guinevere Turner, who appears in the film Preaching to the Perverted, Time Out

I'd love to do a film now, a reallly good cameo role ...You definitely would not get me in something like Pulp Fiction. Something like an old time film, a preriod drama or a comedy. Something nice.

Bruce Forsyth, Daily Telegraph

Being single is exciting, but women are like buses. Krrrrgh. You wait for a while and then three come along at once.

Paul McKenna, TV hypnotist and psychic, on being a bachelor boy, Telegraph

London is one of the worst places in the world to live if you want to make music and stay sane.

Norman Blake, frontman of Glaswegian band Teenage Fanclub, Times

The first sold five copies and they were to relatives.

Kid Creole remembers the release of his debut album, and hopes his new one will do better, Guardian

He watched it over and over and cried every time ... After that he was like a different person, his face changed, his breathing relaxed. It was incredible.

Movie therapist Bernie Wooder describes the effect that watching The Colour Purple had one of his clients, Guardian

A kind of heaven. It's like 420 cultures baked in a pie - a chicken tikka pastry of club nights.

Julian Barrat, of spoof Techno band The Pod, gets enthusiastic about the nightclub Anohka, Time Out

My work is almost unsaleable and has a radical, feminine sensibility that contrasts starkly with the slickness of an office buliding.

Scottish artist Jane Brennan sells her wallpaper art in her own inimitable way, Guardian


Julian Barrat from spoof Techno band, The Pod. Time Out

We don't go around doing Tchaikovsky Four for the 195th time: we go around doing the Berg Three Pieces for the 15th time - great!

Andrew Davies on how he keeps his repertoire exciting,Daily Telegraph

U2 and Oasis are the underground and everybody else is the main stream. Because they're all afraid to be big. They're afraid of success!

Noel Gallagher, Telegraph

I suppose we shall have to pass it, but men and women don't go to bed together with no clothes on.

1950s film censor Sir Sidney Harris on, The Respectable Prostitute, Time Out

I had a big, old mutt who died a year ago, and it certainly helped me when I was writing that I was always in the presence of a dog.

Kirsten Bakis, author of Lives of the Monster Dogs. Time Out