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To be an actress is to be as young and sexy as you can be for as long as you can be, intelligent but not too intelligent. The classic example is Sharon Stone.

Susan Streitfeld, director of Female Perversions, Guardian

Taxi drivers, people on the street, everybody in Dublin is saying they do not want to win it ... even Marc, the singer, is saying he's not allowed to win.

Katrina Leskanick, Britain's Eurovision Song Contestant, on Ireland's repeated success, Times

When I was making Darling ... my producer took me to see the new Antonioni, The Red Desert. I was completely demoralised the next day and decided that what I was doing was really boring. So I never go to the cinema when I'm making a film.

John Schlesinger, director of Cold Comfort Farm, Guardian

Men stray; we know that. I tried to be understanding. I try to be forgiving. I know some women can overlook their partner's occasional infidelities. But that sort of behaviour just doesn't wash with me. For me, the sanctity of the bedroom is of the most fundamental importance.

Actress Frances Fisher on the ending of her relationship with Clint Eastwood, Daily Telegraph

Who cares about the critics when David can heal people with his inspiration and his glorious smile?

Gillian Helfgott, on her Shine pianist husband, Guardian

He has extraordinary, dead eyes, and when you meet him you think, "This man could take my life away and the last thing I would see is those eyes, feeling nothing about it."

Mike Newell (Four Weddings) on Joe Pistone, subject of his new film Donnie Brasco, Guardian