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2 A paparazzi voice called out: "Hey wife! Look this way." Things like that are quite difficult to take.

Sinead Cusack, actress (and wife of Jeremy Irons), Daily Telegraph

2 He's an arrogant, self-satisfied, smug and complacent individual.

Tony Banks MP reacting to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's threat to leave Britain should Labour win the election, Daily Telegraph

2 The key to Lear is that he is, in a sense, a single parent, so he assumes that double role of father and mother, which is explicit in the text.

Kathryn Hunter, actress, who takes the title role in a new production of King Lear at Leicester Haymarket, Guardian

2 The function of a film critic is to ... offer his readers an accurate synopsis.

Ismail Merchant, whose last film was roundly panned, Time Out

2 Theatre in Britain is becoming much more conservative. It comes from the fact that the usual suspects are still in their positions year after year.

Brian Cox, who prefers the Hollywood dollar to the Stratford shilling, but is currently on stage in London at the Bush, Guardian

2 Roy Hattersley ... said that if this is art, then he's happy to say that he's a philistine. And then he came up with typical left-wing Stalinist rubbish - that the documentary was more suitable for psychiatrists. This is like the Soviet Union. They don't put you in prison, they put you in a mental home!

George, of Gilbert and George, on Roy Hattersley's review of the South Bank Show profile of the conceptual artists, Spectator

2 We remember art under Labour. It was a disaster. There were three stuck-up galleries which showed 90 per cent foreign art and that was it. You taught for 20 years, you became a Sir and then you drank yourself to death because you couldn't become an artist.

George again, ibid