When we did Rolling Stone, I wasn't looking at her crotch and her tits, although ... I think she's a beautiful woman. But when I saw the cover, I was really taken aback - it just proves how fucking squaresville I am.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, on being photographed with his actress daughter Liv for Rolling Stone, Independent

She was a wonderful person and a dear friend. I don't know what the hell this man thinks he's doing.

Harold Pinter, playwright, on allegations made by biographer Garry O'Connor that Pinter and Peggy Ashcroft had an affair, Daily Telegraph

So I went to Knightswood training depot in Glasgow, and you get six days to learn to drive a bus ... and within an hour we were on the streets. The streets of Glasgow, full of people. I was shitting myself.

Robert Carlyle, who plays a bus driver in Carla's Song, Guardian

We see people about to lead the country who will be - we hope, we pray - enthusiastic about our ideas. ... And obviously John Major is completely unaware of design except for garden gnomes.

Sir Terence Conran, designer, retailer and restaurateur, counts on Tony Blair, Vanity Fair

pounds 50.064

The Mirror's estimate of the cost of the Gallagher-Kensit wedding that didn't happen

De Niro said, "Good picture. Who's de old guy?" And Ken said, 'That's Dickie Briers'. And De Niro said: "De old guy's a good actor." And Ken said, "He's awfully nice chap."

Richard Briers, actor, on what Robert De Niro thought of him in Kenneth Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing, Guardian

When you do Shakespeare, they always think you're intelligent, because they think you know what you're saying.

Helen Mirren discusses her reputation as an actress with Ruby Wax, BBC1

Our descendants should be exposed to the Sex Pistols.

Iain Sproat, National Heritage Minister, referring to Government proposals that every piece of British pop culture should be stored in warehouses, Independent

I love going to Los Angeles and people find my films intriguing there. But the idea of actually making a film there is a grim one.

Director Mike Leigh after his Secrets and Lies, received five Oscar nominations, Times