I'm not Quentin Tarantino. Actually, I know Quentin and I like him. He loves to play board games.

Penny Marshall, the director with a kind word for everybody, Observer

He's so effeminate a character, it was obvious to shoot him as blond bimbo.

Rankin Waddell, photographer, on Richard E Grant, ibid

It's ill-informed opinion that bugs me, more than whether or not they like my father ... You have people writing articles or editorials that are just incorrect. I think the press has a lot of power here and that can be frustrating.

Elisabeth Murdoch, general manager of Sky Broadcasting

- and Rupert's daughter, Guardian

You can't change or remove a word. But you know that you've got your hands on this gold and that if you can just match it the rewards are fantastic.

Lindsay Duncan, actress,

on Harold Pinter, Times

If people would like to order the perfume it's pounds 1m, in advance. But with the British economy what it is, what would pounds 1m be worth? You can't even afford two princesses ...

Lou Reed, musician, on Eau d'Ornette, his contribution to an exhibition of conceptual art, Independent

I realise my name will be in the history books with a little asterisk beside it, but that's all.

Tom Hanks, actor, on what it means

to have won an Oscar, Observer

Everyone thinks that to achieve anything in radio you have to go to London. That's just not true. It's just two chancers in a room playing records. We could do it in our shed.

Mark Radcliffe, DJ, Telegraph

I have to see myself as a product. I treat my legs very carefully.

Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance, Guardian

I give good baddy, me. I've got the eyes.

Keith Allen, actor, Independent

In the end people do what they can do. I think what I do has a function if I do it right. It is not an indulgence. Or it shouldn't be.

Ken Loach, director, on his profession, Observer

I met this guy called Kula Sekhara who said he had a 9th century king and philosopher looking after him, and if we changed our name our career would pick up.

Crispian Mills, singer, on the legend behind his band Kula Shaker. Guardian.