Of course, I worried that [audiences] would think "What the fuck's an iambic pentameter?"

Al Pacino on his new Shakespeare film, Looking for Richard, Time Out

I was separated from everyone else and fed a diet of coffee and sandwiches. It felt rather like the night before an execution.

TV journalist John Simpson on his This is Your Life experience, Sunday Telegraph

What it says about the Arts Council is that it does not give a shit for the survival of poetry.

Adrian Mitchell, poet, whose letter to the Arts Council proposing that it should pay poets a living wage never got a reply, Independent

I understood the Shakespearean verse better than I ever have, but I always do with Branagh. He's a treasure.

Actress Hayley Mills after the premiere of Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet, London Evening Standard

I couldn't get a cast together like that.

West End producer Duncan Weldon, ibid

I haven't told them yet, but I am not going to do the roadshow this year. I can't ... I can't do all that "wahay" stuff any more - I'm 30 for God's sake.

Chris Evans, DJ, before ...

We have no choice, we are being forced out.

In Hollywood, I went from the Z-list to the A-list in one jump. People at studios, whose eyes had glazed over when you went to pitch to them, suddenly invite you in.

Michael Radford, whose Il Postino has become the biggest-grossing non-English- language film on record, Telegraph

It's not just a restaurant with a bit of art. It's like a very good museum with very good food.

Marco Pierre White, chef, on the new restaurant he has opened with Damien Hirst, Time Out