Art is all the things that politics isn't: it's passionate, ambiguous, complex, mysterious and thrilling. It's our means of redemption, it's the image of humanity.

Richard Eyre, artistic director of the National Theatre, arguing against future cuts in arts funding, London Evening Standard

What can I say? Yeah. Mmmm. Too, too much. Mmmm.

Turner Prize-winner Douglas Gordon kicks off his acceptance speech

When I read my part, I thought: My God, she's a stripper deluxe. I was asked if that was a problem, you know, exposing myself. I says, "Well, I don't think it'll be a problem to me, but it might be to the cameraman trying to hold a camera and a sick bag at the same time."

Crissy Rock, actress, on her forthcoming appearing in Brazen Hussies, Time Out

This will be the most important thing I'll ever write.

Jimmy McGovern, writer of Hillsborough, Radio Times

I can't play two notes in succession, but one's enough to sample.

Techno star Aphex Twin on his musical abilities, Independent

We're against showy, decorative theatre and also against the idea that to be radical you have to shock, shock, shock. The dramatists here are trying to be radically intelligent, radically humane, radically generous.

Dominic Dromgoole, director, on new work at the Old Vic, Times

Because I was married to a man eveyone thinks is handsome, a heart-throb, it made me feel unworthy. In the company of women who were ready to drop their knickers, I felt very insecure.

Alex Kingston, actress, on her soon-to-be-ex-husband Ralph Fiennes, Daily Telegraph

I think stage plays are one of the easiest art forms. Just get the dialect, a bit of a story and a couple of nice characters and you're away.

Martin McDonagh, author of the prize-winnning The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Time Out