The critic kills.

RB Kitaj bites back at those who panned his retrospective at the Tate two years ago, a professional disaster closely followed by a personal one, the death of his wife, in a new painting on view in the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition

An absurd grousing graffito ... demanding abject adoration from critics blinded by his glory, a thing rather than a painting, and utterly sans merit or originality ...

Brian Sewell shows the Kitaj work customary mercy, London Evening Standard

I'm the biggest prude in the industry. I have no moral problem with other people doing it. It's just that I'm embarrassed.

Michelle Pfeiffer on why she won't do nude scenes, Standard

The trouble is he doesn't like drops.

Neil Engel, designer of Universal Studios' new Jurassic Park ride, asked if Steven Spielberg will be going on the ride himself, Guardian

Oh my God, I'm back in this world where it's a really bad thing to have a cleaning lady.

Justine Frischmann of Elastica on returning to Britain after a world tour, The Face

It's only dentists and accountants who give you confidence when you see their diplomas on a wall.

David Hockney tries to cheer up the photography students who were failed and dropped from the degree show at his alma mater, the Royal College of Art, Standard

And anyhow it's Shakespeare.

Director Luc Bondy's response when asked how he will deal with the supernatural elements of A Winter's Tale, which he is currently transforming into an opera, Times

How many years can you wear a loincloth?

Jason Donovan on his long run as Joseph, Telegraph

I am sorry that my butt has dropped four inches but you know my brain is elevated.

Sharon Stone, GQ