For the first time we are about to have a Prime Minister with an interest in the built environment.

Richard Rogers, architect, on Tony Blair, speaking at the `London in the 21st Century' debate

First time he's made me laugh.

Anonymous jazz fan, after hearing Woody Allen play clarinet, Private Eye

Well, the practical steps we can take is to ...

Trevor McDonald, newsreader and chairman of the Better English Campaign, suggests ways to combat poor English, Today, R4

She came, she lisped, she went.

Toyah Willcox chooses her own epitaph, Daily Mail

There was a time when I'd lie to minicab drivers about my job just to save myself a barrage about where Radio 1 was going wrong.

Steve Lamacq, DJ, Guardian

I'd be a great Mom.

Madonna, Sun

Look, what is it with these black plastic macs? I never wore one. I wore Chanel.

Jeanne Moreau, actress, Daily Telegraph

All my experience ... has been that it's a closed shop run by ex-public school people from the Home Counties.

Terry Christian, ex-presenter of The Word, on working in the media, Independent

I think we're healthier now than we've ever been. We used to go on tour just to get wrecked. These days we're in training for it.

Rick Parfitt of Status Quo, Daily Telegraph

I was talking to the latest biographer of John Major ... and I said I met him once and then went to Downing St and never since. And he said: `Oh, but I was talking to Lord Tebbit today, who said you were never out of Downing St and that this is his biggest quarrel with Major.' I must say that making Norman Tebbit that angry is very gratifying.

Sir Ian McKellen, actor and gay-rights champion, Guardian