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A million dollars sounds like a lot, but it actually isn't.

Joan Collins, actress and novelist, on her legal dispute with the publishers Random House, who are suing her for the return of a $1.2m advance, Guardian

It won't fly, it is dated. I didn't believe it, it was dull, it was cliched.

Joni Evans, a Random House editor, on why Ms Collins's manuscript was rejected, ibid.

This case is not about the quality of my writing. It's about a contract and they broke that contract.

Joan Collins, ibid.

Sometimes the only person you can really trust is a critic.

Robert De Niro, Esquire

I got a sweet letter saying "I am consumed by lust for you".

Keith Cooper, Covent Garden's director of corporate affairs, on reaction to his appearance in BBC2's The House, Telegraph

We've just done intensive research ... There's a growing young, highly intelligent, very demanding, and highly sought-after demographic group appearing in our figures.

Jerry Johns, spokesman for BBC's Pebble Mill, on an unlikely development in daytime television, Independent

It's not just a question of money. It's also because my films are better that way.

Eric Rohmer, veteran film director, on why he's happy to work with low budgets, Guardian

I would very much like to taste puffin. I'm told it is delicious.

Jeremy Paxman reveals a strange culinary ambition, Evening Standard

I know that you have to deal with a life without applause. I'm looking forward to it.

Johnny Ramone, of legendary New York punk group the Ramones, on breaking up after 20 years, Telegraph